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Vorschaubild - Youtube
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She rises like a dolphin






[Dm]She rises like the dolphin with the [G]sea wind in her eyes
And the [F]sunlight casting shadows like a [A]painter's palette knife.
[Dm]Her hair fans out around her, [C]floating like a crown.
[G]She plays on the water and lets it pull her [C]down.

Sometimes(F) she swims in the moonlight with the stars (C) high above

the(Dm) nightsounds of the water speaking soft of (E) love.

(Am) Her skin turns to velvet as she (F) feels the waters (C) glide.

(Dm) loses all her (C)bound'ries on this (G) magic carpet ride (C).



She rises like the dolphin, with the seawind in her eyes.
The sunlight casting shadows, like a painter's paradise.
Her hair fans out around her, floating like a crown.
She plays on the water, lets it pull her down.

Sometimes she swims in moonlight with the stars high above.
The night sounds of the water speaking soft of love.
Her skin turns to velvet as she feels the waters glide.
She loses all her boundaries on this magic carpet ride.


You see ripples on the water and watch the shadows dance.
Then she's diving down and you're looking through a glass.
Like a one way mirror, her reflection's far below.
Where she was, she isn't now.
That's all you really know.

Two swimmers in the water, one of silver, one of gold.
One below the surface, one reaching for a hole.

One floating freely, one tryin' not to drown.
A dreamer with two faces, a dolphin and a clown.


If you think you'll hold her in a shallow pool,

catch her in a waterfall, you're thinking like a fool.
She'll strike up the horizon, like a ship out to sea.
Leaving just illusions that look like memories.

She wears the water like a mask, a brand new suit of gold.
A player on the stage, an actress no one knows.
 She rolls and tumbles, falling like a clown.
A swimmer in the water that flies to higher grounds.

Words and music Kate Wolf.

Copyright Another Sundown Publishing Company BMI.

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