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Santa Fe Trail: - The Song and some informations!

Santa Fe Trail     


Crimson sunrise in the fiery east

Buffalo grass laden with dew

A Kansas sky breaks open

Like an ocean tide of blue.


Covered wagons in a circle

Flightymule steps out of line

Spoked wheels are rolling early

They have to make good time.


White canvas tops the wagons

It’s a prairie schooners sail

Pioneers make teir weary way

Across the Santa Fe Trail


Santa Fe Trail… Santa Fe Trail

It’s like riding thru heaven and livin‘ thru hell.


Tracks cut in the sod grass

Like ribbons side by side

This unmapped road to freedom

And a land of new found pride.


Destination Fort Dogde

Next stop on the rough path

Then on the Cimmaron River

Rest the horses .. take a bath.



Santa Fe Trail… Santa Fe Trail

It’s like riding thru heaven and livin‘ thru hell.


Red Buffalo in their wallows

Watch the wagons passing through

Swarming in like cicadas

Settlers and their families too.


They came from distant lands

Many days were filled with strife

Hardship was their fortune

On their way to this new life.



Santa Fe Trail… Santa Fe Trail

It’s like riding thru heaven and livin‘ thru hell.


Lyrics and tune: Cally Krallman & Diane Gillenwater



The Santa Fe Trail got its start in 1821, with an advertisement in the Missouri Intelligencer by William Becknell, seeking men willing to join and invest in a trading expedition to the west. Becknell started on this expedition September 1, 1821 from the Franklin and Arrow Rock area of Missouri, ending at the Plaza in Santa Fe, New Mexico in November of the same year. His first trip was made with pack animals, the next trip to trade in 1822, Becknell used wagons. The Trail soon became a highway of trade and supply, connecting the southwest area of Santa Fe, New Mexico with eastern trade centers.



One of the most asked question is: "What is the length of the trail?" or "What is the mileage of the Santa Fe Trail taking both the Cimarron and Mountain route?"


In 1990 when the National Park Service surveyed the trail, they came up with these figures:



Mountain Route:
Missouri from Old Franklin 130 miles
Kansas Montain Route is 401 miles.
Colorado Montain Route is 181 miles
New Mexico Mountain Route is 197 miles
Mountain Route Total -- 909



Cimarron Cutoff:
Missouri from Old Franklin is 130 miles
Kansas Cimarron Route is 446 miles.
Oklahoma Cimarron Route is 46 miles
Colorado Cimarron Route is 14 miles
New Mexico Cimarron Route is 228 miles
Cimarron Cutoff Route Total -- 865



This information taken from the book "Santa Fe National Historic Trail Comprehensive Management and Use Plan" National Park Service, May 1990.




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