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"Wir sind Kinder einer Erde" - Kinderlieder auf der Spatzenwiese am
Donnerstag, 23. Mai 15:30 Uhr - Sonntag, 26.Mai 15:30 Uhr - Mittwoch, 05.Juni 15:30 Uhr

Kinderlieder beim "Liederfest im Spatzennest"
am Samstag, 13.Juli ab 14:30 Uhr:
Naturfreundehaus Spatzennest (Weidach)

Sonntag, 25. August 11-19 Uhr
Sechster Blaubeurer Bardentreff

Sonntag , 08. September ab 14:30 Uhr
Naturfreundehaus Spatzennest (Weidach)
"Wir sind Kinder einer Erde" - Kinderlieder

Donnerstag, 26. September 14:30 Uhr
Generationentreff Neu-Ulm, Reuttierstr. 23
im Rahmen der internationale Woche gegen Rassismus:
Songs gegen Rasismus und Diskriminierung

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Singing songs against war at the manifestation für peace, Easter 2022
Bardentreff Blaubeuren 2021
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Vorschaubild - Youtube
Session with Mandy Strobel, John Donarsky and Annette
Singen beim Warnstreik der IG BAU 2019 vor dem Werkstor bei Heidelbergzement Schelklingen
CWF Koetz- An evening in August
Beim Sommerfest der Freidenker 2017

Medicine wheel


       Em                                                  D                            Em
       When the morning breaks and the sunlight warms my soul
                   Em                                          D
       In the East the Eagle flies, and the Red Tail proudly soars
                         Em               G          G/F#       Em
       I'm on my way~ to the place of the spirit one
                   G                                             D add2
       Grandfather hear me now, I am on fire
                     Em                                                    G
       Let the sundance guide my feet to your desire
       Show me visions for my eyes
               Am                                                      D  add2
       And words like gold that shimmer in the sun
               Em       D         Em
       Hyi-ah, hyi-ah, hyi-ah

       When the sun goes down and it grows too dark to see
       I look within to the Shaman's mysteries
       I'm on my way~ to die and live, again
       Grandmother Earth I cry, give me rest
       I take my place with the woman in the West
       Show me the Raven and the Bear
       The way of herbs and the black obsidian
       Hyi-ah, hyi-ah, hyi-ah

       Turn toward the South, like water I will run
       In innocence and trust the Moonchild's song is sung
       I'm on my way~ to the place of the sacred plants
       My emotions and my will at their command
       Where the Turtle's voice is heard upon the land
       Where the wise Coyote prowls
       The Rattlesnake will call me to the dance
       Hyi-ah, hyi-ah, hyi-ah

       In the deepest night when the stars watch over me
       Old Woman of the North my mind seeks clarity
       I'm on my way~ to the place of the Northern winds
       Let the Thunder and the Lightning carry me
       Lay my thoughts to rest and send me into sleep
       With the Hawk and the Buffalo
       My dreams white crystal magic medicine
       Hyi-ah, hyi-ah, hyi-ah

               D          Em
       Hyi-ah, hyi-ah...

By Kate Wolf.
Copyright 1983 Another Sundown Publishing Co.

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