Singer/ Songwriter


Singing songs against war at the manifestation für peace, Easter 2022
Bardentreff Blaubeuren 2021
Session with Mandy Strobel, John Donarsky and Annette
Singen beim Warnstreik der IG BAU 2019 vor dem Werkstor bei Heidelbergzement Schelklingen
CWF Koetz- An evening in August
Beim Sommerfest der Freidenker 2017

Loreena McKennitt

Here are some songs of Loreena:



- Penelope's Song

- Stolen child

- The dark night of the soul

- Caravanserai




"McKennitt was born in Morden, Manitoba of Irish and Scottish descent to parents Jack and Irene McKennitt (a livestock dealer and a nurse)."

"I came across Loreena McKennitt in a very unusual and unexpected way. I took me months, almost a year or more to actually listen to her music but eventually I did and now is part of my influences, not only musically but in a cultural way. Such a pleasure to hear her introducing Nights From The Alhambra by talking about the Palace and its background."

Claudio | 12/30/10


"Loreena is proudly Canadian. She lives around Stratford Ontario where she has her recording studio Quinlan Road Productions. She is of Celtic descent, having both strong Scottish and Irish routes.
Her songs resoundingly show her strong roots and her wonderful ability to weave pictures in the minds of her listeners. I had the pleasure of seeing her once in the old Ontario Place forum with hundreds of candles on the floor of the forum that lit the venue with erethral light. It suited her songs and skills like no other venue except perhaps Alahambra in Spain.. She is mystical, beautiful and sings like no other, she is beyond compare..."


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