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Bardentreff Blaubeuren 2021
Session with Mandy Strobel, John Donarsky and Annette
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CWF Koetz- An evening in August
Beim Sommerfest der Freidenker 2017

Cornflower blue



D          G
Cornflower blue
G                        D
blooming in the morning sun
Tiny flowers that grew

from when our love had just begun
D             G
Long ago we planted
each dry and dusty row
D                Em
How long it has taken
          A                G
for the seeds of love to grow.
Cornflower blue.



Cornflower blue
Blooming in the morning sun
Tiny flowers that grew
From when our love had just begun
Long ago we planted
Each dry and dusty row
How long it has taken
For the seeds of love to grow
Cornflower blue

Cornflower blue
Like the faded shirt you wore
Standing in the shadows
When I opened up the door
The smile in your eyes
When you said hello
Held me tenderly
And would not let me go
Cornflower blue

Cornflower blue
Deeper than the evening sky
Peaceful as a river
Bluer than goodbye
Blue like the diamond
When the light shines true
If love came in colours
I'd choose this one for you
Cornflower blue

Words and music by Kate Wolf.

Copyright 1981 Another Sundown Publishing Company.



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