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Singing songs against war at the manifestation für peace, Easter 2022
Bardentreff Blaubeuren 2021
Session with Mandy Strobel, John Donarsky and Annette
Singen beim Warnstreik der IG BAU 2019 vor dem Werkstor bei Heidelbergzement Schelklingen
CWF Koetz- An evening in August
Beim Sommerfest der Freidenker 2017

The sun is burning in the sky


The sun is burning in the sky
Strands of clouds go slowly drifting by.
In the park the dreamy bees

are droning in the flowers among the trees
And the sun is in the sky.

Now the sun is in the west
Little kids lie down to take their rest
And the couples in the park are holding hands

and waiting for the dark
And the sun is in the west.


Now the sun is sinking low
Children playing know it′s time to go.
High above a spot appears,

a little blossom blooms and then draws near
And the sun is sinking low.


Now the sun has come to earth
Shrouded in a mushroom cloud of death.
Death comes in a blinding flash of hellish heat

and leaves a smear of ash
And the sun has come to earth.

Now the sun has disappeared
All that's left is darkness, pain and fear.
Twisted sightless wrecks of men

go crawling on their knees and cry in pain
And the sun has disappeared.



"The Sun is Burning" was written by Ian Campbell of Aberdeen in 1963 and it has been recorded by numerous artists over the years. When Luke Kelly recorded it, however, all that went before, and those that came after, were pale in comparison. Like so many other songs that Luke sang (or recorded), he owns this one. One is awed by such talent and grateful that one had had a chance to hear it.

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